Cyclists love Thanksgiving so much they ride 50 miles in the shape of a turkey

San Francisco is known for its winding roads – and apparently, those winding roads make for quite the festive bike route.

Every year around Thanksgiving, bikers complete the 50-mile Turkey Ride in San Francisco. If cyclists track their path on their phones, an image of a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat appears.

Redditor GoatLegSF shared an image of one biker’s route in the San Francisco subreddit.

He explained how riders nail the route.

“The guy who routed it has it all on a map with arrows for turns and such. It’s a lot of stopping and checking the map so we don’t miss parts,” he said. “But you’ll notice the upper left corner of the hat was slightly overlooked, so it’s not tapered like the right side. There’s a lot of riding over the same parts too, especially by the tail feathers and the hat (which happens to be the steeper parts).”

Participants have shared photos and map screenshots from their own Turkey Rides.


A photo posted by @mr_weirtto on

Hopefully a nice Thanksgiving meal awaits these exhausted bikers at the end of their trip.

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