Couples Share Their Odd Sleeping Arrangements And No Wonder Everyone Is So Tired

Couples Sleeping Habits


There are plenty of ways to get a better night’s sleep. You could buy a better mattress or invest in an awesome pillow.

I’m going to suggest an alternative method for sleeping that I’ve long believed to be the best course of action for a good night’s sleep. Sleep alone. Always. Even if you’re married.

This video is validation.

In an intimate and slightly intrusive video from Cut, different couples open up about their sleeping habits, how they feel about sharing a bed, the other people in the bed at night like kids and dogs (not threesomes), what time each person wakes up and how it all effects their actual sleep.

Check out this guy who sleeps with his wife only because he has to…

“Wow, that seems kind of weird to not sleep in the same bed. …I mean he’s my husband so I got no choice. It’s like, it’s not the 50s where we have separate beds. …I guess we do it because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I guess my favorite thing is waking up next to her. … It’s a lot for comfort and security I do feel safer just being with my family. …It’s like a comfort zone. You’re comfortable with each other.”

“It’s not my favorite thing to do.” Listen, dude, knock people from the 1950s all you want but those marriages lasted like 100 years. Probably because no one was getting kicked in the privates every night by little kids who should be in their own beds.

[via Laughing Squid]