China’s stock market opened for 15 minutes, crashed, and then went back to bed



China’s stock market just…can’t

The country’s stocks are falling so fast that they’re panicking investors and tripping automatic levers called "circuit breakers" that shut down the entire market when it’s crashing. Two days ago, after the circuit breakers shut down trading, China closed its stock market early due to a steep decline. It’s a bad sign, but not entirely unprecedented; that’s happened in the United States too

What happened on Thursday, however, might be a first. In all, the market stayed open for only 15 minutes

China’s stock market ceased trading after only a few minutes after the market lost 5% in value so quickly that trading was automatically halted. It’s the second time in just a few days of 2016 trading that its new "circuit breaker" was tripped due to sharp declines. The pause is meant to give the market time to settle and hopefully avoid any panicked selling that would lead to a deeper crash that would cause more financial damage Read more…

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