Celebrating World Industrial Design Day with Top 10 Designs from A’ Design Award!


Every year, the June 29th marks the World Industrial Design Day, a day we celebrate to commemorate the work done in the field of Industrial Design and also a day that we set a universal agenda for the year moving forward. This year’s agenda being “Design’s Impact on Good Health and Well-Being” we’re doing our part to highlight and showcase 10 designs that fit well into that agenda of uplifting humanity’s standard of living, or being a creative breakthrough in the medical field, or just designs that get one to think and foster a healthy mentality on several issues.

These designs are all winners of A’ Design Awards over the years, catering to the various categories within the awards program and competition. Unlike most design competitions, the A’ Design Award and Competition (and we’ve said this before) isn’t about the certificate and trophy. It stands for pushing designs beyond their concept and rendering stages to harness its full potential. The A’ Design Award And Competition sets itself to be the one place where good design regardless of discipline is rewarded, highlighted, and showcased not only to the world, but helped taken forward. With a massive international interdisciplinary judging panel, the A’ Design Award covers all categories of design from Architecture to Electronics, from Medical and Safety Equipment, to Jewelry, and from Furniture to Social Design. Winners across these categories not only receive their award in the form of a trophy and certificate, they’re also entitled to a PR Campaign, Publication across multiple online design platforms, a Proof Of Creation Certificate, and even the option to sell those designs, allowing your work to actually cross over the realm of the concept and be used and appreciated by users and moreover, change lives.

Which is why if you have a life-changing idea, register it for the A’ Design Awards this year! Registrations for the award are now open, and are free for all our readers. Register and upload your design today for a free evaluation and watch as your design project goes on to influence minds and change lives!

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YD Handpicks for World Industrial Design Day: 10 Award Winning Designs that Positively Impact Health and Well-Being

01. Textura Braille Smartphone by Isa Verde

The Textura Smartphone comes with a dynamic surface on top that translates text into braille. Much more simple and intuitive to use than a regular smartphone with an audio-aid, the Textura helps the visually impaired to use a phone in a way that comes naturally to them. The slim and sleek phone comes with controls on the side (because you’re perpetually touching the screen), and even has an audio jack built in for when you want to use earphones!

02. DuoSkin by Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao Dab ECG Holter Patch by Adam Miklosi


DuoSkin presents the future of body-art that just doesn’t serve the purpose of art, but involves an element of interaction design too. The thin metal foil laid out on the skin has the ability to conduct electricity or even act as a sensor, becoming one of the first fashion-oriented biotech products, not just serving a medical purpose, but even going as far as becoming interfaces for the products we use. Imagine being able to type out messages on your skin, or unlock your door with a pattern drawn on your fore-arm, or initiating a 911 emergency call using a secret button placed against your skin. The possibilities are literally endless!

03. Art4leg 3D Printed Prosthetic by Tomas Vacek

The Art4Leg remains a personal favorite just because it makes prosthetics look less like badly designed plasticky versions of human limbs and more like pieces of art that a disabled person wouldn’t mind showing off rather than concealing. 3D printed from top to bottom, the leg comes with beautiful organic patterns and a hollow design that not only is capable of taking vertical stress of standing and walking but also is capable of dispelling any weird looks people may give you. If anything, they’re going to look at it with awe!

04. Dab ECG Holter Patch by Adam Miklosi

A winner from last year’s competition, the Dab ECG holter patch sits on your chest, constantly monitoring and recording your heart activity, while truly being as invisible and distraction-free as any good medical wearable must be. Sitting on the skin via a gel patch, the Dab is reusable, unlike most disposable ECGs and charges separately in its own wireless charging dock. A perfect embodiment of Rams’s design advice that good design should be as little design as possible.

05. Meditation Seat by Gao Fenglin

Gao Fenglin’s Meditation Seat encourages you to sit cross legged, making your body and mind healthy. The seat comes with an unusual design that naturally gets you to sit with your legs crossed in a meditative pose, allowing your posture to be corrected, spine kept straight, and making sure you’re physiologically as well as psychologically healthy.

06. Lw-01 by YeQuan Liu

Designed to make sure you never forget or misplace your medicine, the Lw-01 integrates your pill bottle into the cap of your regular water bottle. Whenever you take your bottle out to have a sip, you’re reminded to follow your medical routine, and the fact that your pills are attached to your bottle allows you to take your medication without having to look for a glass of water!

07. Tentative Post Disaster Tent by Dr. Hakan Gürsu


Inspired after earthquakes in Turky, by the need to have a shelter that can be rapidly deployed and set up, Hakan developed the Tentative Post Disaster Tent. Designed to comfortably house two adults, or even a small family of 3-4, the tent comes in a collapsible flat-pack design that makes for easy transportation. In fact, a single semi can carry north of 24 of these units. The tent comes with collapsible furniture all stored inside it and can be assembled (by means of a metal exo-structure) in a matter of minutes.

08. Espire Full Face Gas Mask by Carlos Schreib

The Espire Full Face Gas Mask is exactly what safety masks should look like. Not only does it purify the air going into your nose and mouth, it even guards your eyes from smoke, dust, and harmful chemicals. What’s more, it rather cleverly creates a barrier between the breathing zone and the viewing zone so you don’t have to worry about your visor fogging up with your breath!

09. Brave Jet Syringe by Ilmo Ahn, Jisu Kim & Juyeon Baek & SeonwooPyo

Dispelling any fear around injections, the Brave Jet Syringe gamifies the vaccination process, turning the syringe jet into a plane, allowing kids to look at it as not a pointy, fearful, medical product, but a good-guy fighter jet that kills diseases!

10. SPH Smart Prosthetic Hand by Young Jo In

The SPH, or Smart Prosthetic Hand is just practical from top to bottom. A mechanized prosthetic hand lets you go about your day to day tasks, while a smartphone is literally integrated into the back of your palm, letting you own and use a smartphone without worrying about having to occupy one hand holding one, forget/lose one, or accidentally drop one. Besides, it literally puts the power of the entire internet in your hands!

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Happy World Industrial Design Day!

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