CBD Is Officially All The Rage Now That It’s More Popular Than Kim Kardashian And Beyoncé On Google

cbd more popular kim kardashian google


I can (vaguely) remember the days when I could drink two O.G. Four Lokos in an unhealthy amount of time and wake up the next morning (or, more often than not, the next afternoon) without a hangover and with slightly less dignity than I started the night with.

However, as I gradually descend into old age, I have trouble crushing a few White Claws without being greeted by a headache and a crippling feeling of regret the following day, where the only thing I’ll be drinking is too much Gatorade.

Thankfully, I recently found my savior in the form of CBD, which serves as the hangover cure I wasn’t aware existed until the substance appeared on my radar last year.

Recently, more and more companies have started to enter the CBD space as an increasing number of people realize just how beneficial the drug can be when it comes to treating everything from a night filled with questionable decisions to the existential dread so many of us wake up with on Monday mornings.

However, there’s now some new data that shows just how popular CBD has become.

According to Observer, a study conducted by CannabisMD’s Knowledge Navigator took a look at Google search trends and discovered major celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have nothing on CBD as far as interest is concerned, as the drug has experienced an exponential rise in inquiries over the past couple of years.

cbd more popular kim kardashian google


I wish CBD the best of luck in surviving the wrath of the Beyhive now that the queen has been dethroned. I’m so glad we’ll finally get to see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

from BroBible.com http://bit.ly/2ZyivPz