Buttons from the future don’t need sewing on

Think ‘zip-tie for buttons’ and you’ll get the brainwave that is the FastButton. Designed to be an easy, effective, and needle-free solution for a popped button, the FastButton takes less than a minute to put on, stays longer than conventional buttons… and doesn’t need ANY threadworking skills.

The innovative plastic zip-tie/cable-tie lets you fasten your button on and secure it in place using a one-way sawtooth style fastener. The thin, bendable piece of plastic needs no putting threads through needle eyes, no skill in sewing, and results in zero possibilities of you pricking yourself with a pointed object. It can also be carried in abundance on flights since there’s no needle in the picture.

Using a FastButton is as easy as knowing how to use a cable-tie. Pass the tail through the fabric and weave it around the button before securing it in place with the circular head of the FastButton. Availabin both double-holed-button and four-holed-button versions, the FastButton is pretty much the most revolutionary product crossover, promising to change an aspect of fashion and apparel, with a product that’s humbly been holding LAN cables together in server rooms for the past two decades!

Designer: Fulvio Buonavoglia








from Yanko Design http://bit.ly/2wz23or