Build a Silent, Texting Doorbell With an Amazon Dash Button

If you have dogs that tend to get riled up at the sound of a doorbell, or you’re on the phone a lot and work from a home, a chiming doorbell isn’t always ideal. Over at Initial State, they rigged up a silent doorbell that sends you a text message when someone pushes it.

The doorbell itself is an Amazon Dash button, while the software that powers it runs on a Raspberry Pi (it can run on any computer, as long as it’s always on). The idea here is as simple as it sounds: someone presses the button on the Dash, you get a text message. It’s super easy to set up, and perfect for anyone who wants a doorbell but doesn’t want the chime. You’ll find everything you need over on GitHub.

Amazon Dash Button Silent Door Bell | GitHub

from Lifehacker