Britney Spears’ hit ‘…Baby One More Time’ turns 20 so you’re old as hell


Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of Britney Spears’ iconic "…Baby One More Time," and while this may prompt you to cry for hours about the passage of time and what to do with your life, we recommend turning up the volume on this evergreen banger and just enjoying the sheer genius that has endured.

"..Baby One More Time" was written by Max Martin and debuted on cassette (!) Oct. 23, 1998. Spears herself was a teen at the time, a former Mouseketeer prodigy about to get insanely famous at a young age. 

The video hasn’t aged quite as well, but contains what would become signature elements of Spears’ ’90s oeuvre; quality dance breaks, a loose narrative, and the extremely Britney "Oh baby, baby" riff throughout. It’s a potent dose of mighty nostalgia and a bop to boot. Read more…

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