Blue Origin successfully lands both booster and crew capsule after test launch

Today, at its Texas launch facility, Blue Origin preformed its most critical test to date. It preformed a live separation test of its crew capsule from the rocket booster and everything preformed as expected. The crew capsule fired its escape motor at the right time, sending the capsule higher than it ever has gone before. This successful test is a huge milestone for Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, which previously stated, if the test went well could put the rocket company in position to become operation by the end of the year.

Today’s test was the ninth launch for Blue Origin and the third for the booster used in this test. Both the capsule and booster are designed to be reused. Over 20,000 people tuned into Blue Origin’s YouTube live stream to watch the test. From the outside, things appeared to precisely as planned.


from TechCrunch