Blipblox could be ‘my first synth’ for kids big and small

This is hardly the first synthesizer for kids that we’ve seen, but the Blipblox device debuting at NAMM 2018 adds a familiar toy-like design and plastic casing. According to its maker, it combines "professional features" like a MIDI input, audio out, unique oscillator modulation schemes and LED lights that sync to the music. It’s intended to let kids as young as three take a turn as music producers, and will "target" a price of $159.

The hook here is that unlike simple keyboards, Blipblox has "a proprietary algorithm that synthesizes completely unique waveforms" so you can create your own soundwave. A studio session demo video gives a better example of the sounds that are possible with this, and it’s not too hard to imagine that if you figure out what each color-coded set of switches is for then you could make some SoundCloud-worthy electronica. And hopefully release it quickly, before your kids take all the studio time for themselves.

Via: MusicRadar

Source: Blipblox

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