Big Reveals Seem Stupidly Obvious After Watching the Westworld Dubsmash Mix

Who knew the Westworld cast was spoiling the first season all along…and on Dubsmash?

Hey, guess what, there were multiple timelines, William was the Man in Black, and Dolores is going on yet another murderous rampage. Every single one of those reveals didn’t come to light until the final episode of season one; that is, unless you knew where to look. While most of us were diving into Reddit to try and solve the show’s mysteries over the course of the first season, Evan Rachel Wood and her castmates were too busy trolling us with almost every good reveal ever.

Wood, Jimmi Simpson, and Ben Barnes spent much of the first season sharing Dubsmash videos they’d made while filming the first season of Westworld…making Dubsmash the unofficial social media messenger of the show. As a result, Dubsmash threw them all together in a compilation video this week. While most of the videos were cute but harmless, like Wood’s and Barnes’ tribute to Casablanca and a black-and-white moment of sadness set to “Everybody Hurts,” a few of them actually spoiled the show’s biggest twists.

There was one where Wood and Simpson re-enacted the Marty and younger Doc scene from the end of Back to the Future II, where Marty returns to the past after going back to the future. It’s basically the Dubsmash equivalent of Dolores jumping back and forth between the multiple timelines, due to her perfect memory. There was also one where Wood, dressed as Dolores on set, channeled Wyatt Earp’s iconic scene from Tombstone as she threatened to bring hell with her…which she did as, you guessed it, freaking Wyatt.

Of course, a lot of this might be more informed than anything else. As we reported previously, the Westworld cast was kept in the dark about several of the show’s biggest twists until they received the shooting scripts. In any case, the video’s a lot of fun, and I’ve got to give props to Dubsmash for putting a compilation together—minus the horse emojis. Come on, guys.


from Gizmodo