An epic day of snow, surf and bragging rights

What do you get when you mix snow, the ocean and a group of adrenaline junkies with a knack for documenting everything they do? 

An epic day of snowboarding and surfing that’s worth some major bragging rights.

“Today is the ultimate day of shred,” said Shonduras, a YouTube star and social media aficionado. Duras was one of 10 influencers chosen to spend the day accomplishing what most can only dream about: The California Double.

“Today is the ultimate day of shred.” -Shonduras, YouTube star

Snowboarding or skiing in the morning in the mountains, then surfing in the ocean in the afternoon — is it the stuff of legends? Of fantasy? This group was determined to find out.

Mashable teamed up with smartwatch company Nixon to create a unique and immersive experience showcasing how The Mission watch is the ultimate piece of gear for tech junkies and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With snow and surf conditions beamed straight to their wrists and ultra durable construction that can take a beating, The Mission is the ultimate piece of gear that’s sturdy enough to wear anywhere and stylish enough so you’ll want to wear it everywhere.

The group started their day in the pitch black, meeting at the Mashable LA offices before boarding a bus bound for Mountain High, a resort in the San Gabriel Mountains. On the way, they watched the sun rise over the hills and synced their new smartwatches with their Android phones, eagerly checking the Snocountry reports via The Mission to see what conditions awaited them. 

The Mission smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and is crafted using ultra-tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass crystal and polycarbonate casing, so it can take a beating. For as tough as it is on the outside, it’s also super smart on the inside.

The Mission comes preloaded with the Trace Snow and Surf apps, which tracks activity. It was something the crew had a lot of fun with. The watch can log how many runs you’ve taken, your altitude and your max speed thanks to built-in sensors, an altimeter and GPS. Many in the group were competing to see how fast they could go and enjoyed a little healthy competition on the slopes, comparing their stats at the end of the day.

Once noon hit, it was time to pack up and make the 2-hour drive to the beach, where a slew of wetsuits and surfboards awaited in Encinitas. Along the way, they checked the Surfline powered surf report: 2-3 foot waves and 60 degree water was in their future.

It was time to make the California Double real.

Once at the beach, the group received a quick surf lesson courtesy of Concept Surf Shop and then paddled out into the water. When the MicLock is closed, protecting the microphone from water, The Mission has a 10 ATM water resistance rating — so everyone could rest easy and dive right in.

The day wrapped much like it had started: with a gorgeous view of the sun doing its thing over the horizon. Mission: complete.

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