Add These 7 Exercises To Your Routine If You Spend The Work Day Sitting On Your Butt

Lower Back Pain Desk Sitting


The majority of my work day is spent sitting on my ass.

The first four hours behind the wheel, delivering for a bakery, and the rest of the time playing keyboard commando and giving people advice on what to wear and how to keep from losing their minds at work.

The rest of my day is spent on my feet, either running, walking places instead of driving, and making every attempt to keep to the 50:10 rule. More on that later.

A majority of the workforce is sedentary and it’s sending more than a few million of us to early graves. Sitting around is making us fat, doing serious damage to our backs, necks and spines and making us miserable.

There are ways to combat the issues caused by 8 or more hours slouched over in a cubicle or crammed behind a steering wheel.

Exercise goes a long way in reversing the damage done by desk chairs and Bright Side made this handy vide of seven exercise suggestions, most can be done right in the office.

“If you spend most of your work day working on a computer and then you spend your evenings scrolling through things on your phone, neck, back, and arm pain can become a constant problem. A sedentary lifestyle does a lot of damage to your health: your muscles can become stiff, you can experience numbness, and tingling sensations may appear regularly. Thankfully, there are a couple of easy exercises that can make you feel a lot better!”

The exercises include light stretching of the shoulders, neck, back and fingers.

Now back to that 50:10 rule. These numbers refer to the general guidelines of the amount of time spent sitting versus the time spent up and around.

For every 50 minutes of work, give yourself ten minutes of activity. This means either get up and go for a walk around the office, around the building or maybe even just standing at your desk.

Whatever you do, DON’T go for a walk to buy another sugar-filled coffee drink.

It’s probably a smart idea to start the day off with a couple of stretches before even walking into the office. Try these 4 stretches the minute after you jump out of bed to kickstart your morning.


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