Ableton’s new CV Tools allow you to control modular gear from Live

An LFO and rhythm generator are among the 10 CV plugins coming to Live 10.1.

Ableton is adding a collection of Max for Live plugins to Live 10 Suite for controlling modular synths and CV gear.

CV Tools, which is available in beta now, features 10 plugins for Live 10.1 that generate or receive pitch, control, clock and trigger signals together with a compatible audio interface. They can be used to modulate synth voices in different ways, control tempo or set Live to follow the modular system clock, among other functions.

The 10 plugins include CV Instrument, which allows you to sequence your modular like an Ableton MIDI instrument, CV Triggers, for sending trigger signals to drum machines and modules, and CV Utility, which can send automation curves from Live to a modular setup.

As well as synchronization tools (CV Clock In and CV Clock Out), there’s a useful set of modulation plugins: CV In, which allows a modular system to modulate parameters in Live, CV Shaper for sending “flexible CV shapes” to your rig, an envelope follower and an LFO.

One of the most interesting plugins is the Rotating Rhythm Generator, a tool for experimenting with “modular-style beat and polyrhythm generation”. While it’s made for CV gear, it also sends MIDI, so can be used with Live’s Drum Racks or MIDI gear.

Ableton is a little late to the CV game: Bitwig Studio has offered native tools for modular integration for a few years now, as has NI’s Reaktor 6. Expert Sleepers’ Silent Way plugins are also a popular choice for Eurorack users who want to hook up their rig to a DAW. However, the inclusion of CV Tools in Live 10 Suite will probably help to broaden the appeal of Eurorack and other CV gear even further.

CV Tools is in beta now and can be accessed by signing up to the Live 10.1 beta. However, you’ll need a DC-coupled audio interface for sending and receiving CV signals to make use of it, such as Expert Sleepers’ ES-3 and ES-8, MOTU’s Ultralite 248 or 240, an RME Babyface or UAD Apollo Series.

There’s no date for Live 10.1’s full release, but when it arrives we can expect user wavetables as well as new EQ and delay devices alongside the new CV Tools suite.

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