A Study Has Revealed How Much Money You Need To Make Per Year To Actually Be Satisfied With Life

man in suit counting money


If you’ve ever bought drugs at a music festival or inhaled a slice of pizza while absolutely hammered at 3 AM, you know the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness” is a total crock of shit. In the words of modern philosopher Kanye West: Having money isn’t everything, not having it is.

I like to think it’s going to be a while before society pulls a Brave New World and starts letting people pick up weekly rations of happiness, and as a result, most of us rely on money to bring joy into their life in various ways. If a recent study of millionaires is any indication, some people will never be satisfied with what they have in life, but according to some new research, there’s a quantifiable point you need to reach if you want to be truly satisfied in life.

According to Market Watch, a group of researchers at Purdue and the University of Virginia combed through the data of 1.7 million people in an attempt to find a correlation between income and quality of life. The findings echoed the results of the study above while also giving some hope to people who know they’ll probably never have to deal with all of the downsides that apparently come with having a shitload of money.

Here’s a summary of the results:

Globally, we find that satiation occurs at $95,000 for life evaluation and $60,000 to $75,000 for emotional well-being. However, there is substantial variation across world regions, with satiation occurring later in wealthier regions. We also find that in certain parts of the world, incomes beyond satiation are associated with lower life evaluations. These findings on income and happiness have practical and theoretical significance at the individual, institutional and national levels.

I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies to all of the people beyond satiation with lower life evaluations.

from BroBible.com http://bit.ly/2HjUNxL