A Sex Doctor Reveals Which Of These 7 Popular Sex Positions Is Best For You

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[Editor’s Note: This post was written for us by Dr. Zuckerman from Between Us Clinic

Different positions are right for different purposes. Which sex position is best for you?

When it comes to sex we all have our preferences, especially about sexual positions. But we may become used to a certain position, even if it doesn’t suit our needs.

Let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks of the seven most common sex positions and help you find the right one for you!

Missionary Position

This position is often associated with religious Westerners in the 19th century. It supposedly got its name from the Christian missionaries who considered it “more civilized.” In this position, the man and woman face each other and the man is traditionally on top.

Pros The missionary position is good for couples who want to get pregnant, since the man is able to penetrate deeply and ejaculate close to the cervix. The chance increases even more if the woman lifts her buttocks.

Many couples consider it the most romantic position, since they can make eye contact and kiss throughout. It is also good for men with a smaller penis, since it allows the man to make more aggressive movements without the penis sliding out.

Cons It is harder for most women to reach an orgasm in this position, since the clitoris and the g-spot, located in the upper wall of the vagina, are less stimulated.

Woman on top

This position, a variation on the missionary position, has ancient origins and can even be seen depicted on ancient Greek vases.

Pros As with the missionary position, the couple can make eye contact. However, the woman controls the rhythm and the penetration depth.

This position allows the man to pleasure the woman with his hands, such as caressing her breasts or stimulating her clitoris.

Many men find it easier to control ejaculation while being passive; therefore sex therapists often recommend it for men who have trouble controlling their ejaculation. Sexologists also often recommend the position for women who have difficulties reaching an orgasm or have vaginismus, an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, due to the complete control women have in this position.

Cons Some men don’t feel comfortable being passive. They may feel uneasy and threatened by the lack of control. Also, if the woman is very active in her movements the penis can slide out of the vagina, especially if the man has a smaller penis.

Man behind the woman (doggy style)

In this position the man penetrates the woman from behind while she either kneels on hands (or elbows) and knees or lies on her stomach. This position has come to us from China and India.

Pros As with the missionary position, there is a greater likelihood of achieving pregnancy in this position, since it allows for deep penetration. The woman can also enjoy double stimulation if the man stimulates her clitoris with his hands while penetrating.

This position can be arousing for men who are turned on by female buttocks or the idea of anal sex.

Cons In this position the vagina shortens, and if the man moves aggressively he can accidently pound the uterus, causing the woman pain. Another con is a perceived lack of intimacy, since there is no eye contact.

Sideways facing each other

The woman and the man lie on their sides facing each other.

Pros This position is good for couples who are afraid that their weight will be too much for their partner. Each partner has a free hand to caress the other, and there is the intimacy of eye contact.

Cons It can be difficult to insert the penis; even once it’s inside the vagina it can slide out easily. It is also more difficult for the man to make movements. For that reason it is not good for men with smaller penises. It is, however, a nice position for couples who like to take things slow, be intimate, and caress each other.

Woman lying or sitting on the edge of the bed and man standing or kneeling

This position is a variation of the missionary position. The pros are that the woman can touch her clitoris during penetration, partners don’t burden each other with their weight, and there is eye contact throughout. The main con is that the man could experience knee pain.

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