If you’ve got years of camping experience under your belt, you’re probably able to just tune out those things that go bump in the night. But if you only head out into the great outdoors once a year for a weekend camping trip, you’ll appreciate the CampGuard lantern which will stand guard and automatically sound an alarm to scare off forest intruders.

Like a security guard posted to watch over your campsite all night long, the CampGuard has built-in 360-degree motion sensors that are able to detect movements from as far away as 35 feet, and automatically react to them, depending on how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with nature.

If you’re not worried about intruders and just want to be able to find your way to the edge of camp for a midnight bathroom break, you can simply have the lantern’s blinding 300-lumen LEDs turn on when movement is detected, and automatically switch off 15 seconds after they’re gone. But if you’re genuinely worried about overnight visitors, an optional alarm can also be activated to help scare them off.

Battery life isn’t specified, but given the size of the CampGuard lantern, and the fact it uses energy-efficient LEDs, it will probably stay running for at least a weekend’s worth of adventures if not left at full intensity all night long. But at $80 and quite heavy looking, experienced campers who are happy to survive on whatever they can stuff in their backpacks might want to skip this one.

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