A first-aid kit for your emotional well-being!


With emotional disorders and mental health now getting as much importance as physical health, it only seems fitting to not just have a physical medical first aid kit, but an emotional first aid kit too, to instantly treat emotional stress/trauma.

Rui Sun’s Emotional First Aid Kit is not just one of a kind, but also a first of its kind. Designed to alleviate stress, anger, self-doubt, depression, etc. (without medication), the Emotional First Aid Kit is quirky and playful. The paraphernalia within rely on unconventionally-developed albeit effective tools to help us overcome emotional barriers in uniquely creative ways (reminiscent of IDEO’s MonYay collection).

The kit comes with five products. The Indigo Third Eyeglasses are a pair of playful kaleidoscope glasses that let you look at things differently, bringing a sense of wonderment and a different perspective on life as you see it. The Purple Breathing Mask is an instant de-stresser. Equipped with the scent of violets, breathing through the mask brings the calming effects of breathing into a paper bag with the additional advantages of aromatherapy. The Blue stress buster is a megaphone that visualizes sound in blue ink. Screaming into it not only helps you release pent-up anger, but also helps create art out of it. The Green Mediating Stethoscope comes in pairs, allowing two people who’ve just had an argument to listen to each other’s heartbeats. It puts the argument into perspective, reminding you of the emotional aftermath of such fights. Listening to a beating heart also helps you calm down. Lastly, the Yellow Confidence Booster is a super-light padded jacket that when worn, gives you the feeling of being in a secure safe shell, and also having a puffed chest (a sign of confidence). It helps people with low self-esteem to feel secure and more confident in solving dilemmas or addressing uncomfortable situations.

Rui Sun’s Emotional First Aid Kit makes us feel less like adults with insurmountable problems and more like children, with its quirky playful nature. Reminding us that being carefree is a truly beautiful way to stay happy, the Emotional First Aid Kit helps you tackle and rise above your problems in an instant, just as any first aid kit should!

Designer: Rui Sun








from Yanko Design http://bit.ly/2FUZobW