7 weirdest moments from Mark Zuckerberg’s new AI video

Facebook CEO and very rich man Mark Zuckerberg released a video on Tuesday that demonstrates his fancy new artificial intelligence named Jarvis that he’s been working on all year. 

While the AI is surely impressive, we couldn’t help but get over just how weird the video is that goes along with it. It’s so strange Zuckerberg even had to clarify in the comments that this is not a live demo, but a “fun summary.”

Add on top that Jarvis is voiced by popular voice actor/God Morgan Freeman and the whole thing just has a weird and creepy feel to it. 

Also Zuckerberg may or may not be a robot.

After much deliberations, these are the moments we thought were the weirdest:

1. When Mark stared into the camera with his cold, dead eyes and said “Hell Yeah!” 

2. When Mark ate DRY TOAST like it was totally normal.

3. When Mark told Jarvis that his Mandarin was “soothing.” 

4. When Jarvis told Mark to tickle his baby Max.

5. The completely outdated Nickelback burn.

6. When the AI says it’s entertaining his baby.

7. The simple fact that Mark built a t-shirt cannon because he wears the same shirt every day

Here’s the full video in all its strange, off-putting glory.

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