5 Best Logo Creator Services

A logo is what distinguishes your blogging/e-commerce business from others in your industry. When you hear the name of a company or a brand, it’s their logo that pops up into your mind. The second you see a memorable logo, you know exactly what company or cause it stands for.

When working on your website or blog, you need to think about an effective logo to make it recognizable to your customers or readers. A logo has the power to identify your company and deliver its message to the world.

Today, you can choose among multiple methods to create a one-of-a-kind logo. You can draw it yourself, commission a designer, or use online logo makers.

To design a logo single-handedly, you need to have some basic drawing skills. Prepare to spend some time working with a graphic design program. On the brighter side, this option is absolutely cost-free.

If you have a decent budget, you can commission a professional designer.

Online logo generators are a great alternative to the above methods. It’s an easy – and sometimes free – way to create a smart logo in no time.

Below, we’ve listed the top 5 online logo generators to make your dream logo a reality.

Best Logo Creator Services

1. Logaster

logo creator

With Logaster, making a logo is a piece of cake. First, submit the name of your company, website or blog. Second, select your industry. Done! Now you have a diverse collection of logos at your disposal. Pick any logo you like and download its small version for free. Furthermore, you can edit your logo till you get it right.


  • intuitive interface;
  • free small-sized logo (full-sized logo from $9.99)
  • post-payment editing opportunities;
  • huge library of logos.


  • full-sized logo is available for a fee;
  • you can’t edit templates from the database.

2. DesignMantic

Best Logo Creator Services

A logo-making process takes a couple of minutes. You need to submit your business name and the industry you’re involved in. Based on this information, the platform generates 4 color variations of your logo. Choose the best one and save it to your computer for $37 upon registration.


  • you can edit your logo;
  • huge gallery of turnkey templates;
  • color logo variations;
  • additional services (website design, headlines on social media, etc.)


  • no free logo;
  • for extra services, this logo generator collaborates with Zillion Designs (see above). This makes the process long and costly. Furthermore, you can’t be sure that you’ll get precisely what you want. 

3. FreeLogoDesign

Best Logo Creators


  • free small-sized logo;
  • big selection of logos;
  • wide editing functions.


  • pricey full-sized logo ($59).

4. Logoshi


  • unusual way to create a logo.


  • no free logo;
  • scarce selection of icons.

5. Zillion Designs

Best Logo Creator Services

Zillion Design offers more than 20 different services. For a logo, you need to select “Logo Design.” Following this step, you need to submit your budget (from $199) and describe what logo you’d like to have. Then you receive feedback from designers that have agreed to work on your project. You can comment on their proposals, make adjustments, and share your ideas. In 7 days, you get to pick the winning design.


  • your logo is made by seasoned designers;
  • you can discuss your logo with designers and make changes.


  • no free logo;
  • creating a logo is time-consuming;
  • too pricey logo (from $199) and extra pay for other corporate style elements. 

The bottom line

It’s safe to say that a logo determines success of your business, website, or blog. A smart logo makes your business identifiable to your customers or readers. There are several different ways to create an icon to represent your brand. Online logo generators make a logo-making process almost effortless and affordable to the larger public. 

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