4 Young Photographers Who Will Inspire and Amaze You

Since I started teaching photography I’ve had the opportunity to teach a few kids as well as adults. Some special parents were able to see that their child had an interest in photography and a gift for doing it as well, and they encouraged them to pursue it. I gladly jumped on that bandwagon and supported them as well.

So I’ve rounded up not one, but four young photographers whose work will amaze you. You may think it slightly depressing that these youngsters can do such amazing work at a tender age (while you may be struggling to figure out how to shoot in Manual), but instead – allow them to inspire you!

Award-winning wildlife photographer age 13

Josiah Launstein started doing photography at age 5, using his dad’s old camera and got “serious” about it when he was only 7. Now he’s won awards for his photography and has been displayed in national galleries. Watch him in action photographing one of his favorite subjects, bighorn sheep. AND he’s Canadian like me!

See more of Josiah’s work on his website where you can buy prints, art cards, and calendars. I liked his work so much I bought a calendar myself!

Teen featured in national publications

By age 16 Alex Currie’s work was being featured in National publications, even recognized by Vogue magazine. He’s also produced short films with some of his friends.

See some of Alex’s current work on his website here. He also was on the Flickr Top 20 Under 20 list.

A day with a teenage pro photographer

Our next young sensation is Ryan Parrilla, a Manhattan-based teen photographer. He’s been doing photography since age 12 on the streets of NYC. His camera of choice is a Canon Powershot G7 Mark II. Follow along to see a day of shooting with Ryan in his city.

See more of Ryan’s images on 500px or his Instagram profile where he has more than 90,000 followers.

10-year-old’s photography business – helps his autism

In this final inspirational video story, learn about how Morgan Wolfers picked up a camera to help him “focus”. He and his parents realized that photography helped with his autism and that he was naturally good at it.

See more of this amazing kid’s photography on his website here.

Inspired yet?

I hope these stories of kids doing photography have inspired you to get out there and do more shooting yourself. Look for the dPS weekly photography challenge if you need some ideas on what to shoot.

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