4 Useful Tools for Twitter Bio Search: Smart Relationship Building

Twitter is a great connecting tool. It’s much more open than Facebook (You don’t have to be anyone’s friend to get in touch) and much more active than Linkedin.

Facebook does allow to send messages to non-friends but for some reason I only receive those using a mobile app. Also you cannot really tag people on Facebook unless you are friends. As for Linkedin, weirdly, I receive several messages a day but I always forget to check my inbox there or reply.

On Twitter you can tag anyone and that’s the beauty of the platform.

The openness of the platform makes it a perfect outreach and relationship building tool. For many outreach campaigns I usually recommend using several Twitter bio search to find journalists and bloggers who will be interested in your content.

Here are 4 Twitter bio search tools I am using:

1. Twitter People Search

Twitter People Search

There’s not much information on how Twitter search “Accounts” tab works. It isn’t based on “exact match” search (you won’t always find your exact search terms in the bios but it tends to return more or less relevant results).

It sorts search results based on the combination of how powerful the account is (in terms of the number of followers and interactions) and how closely you are related (Based on common connections).

There is no way to export results.

2. BuzzSumo “Influencers” Tab

BuzzSumo "Influencers" Tab

BuzzSumo influencers search is another great way to find people to follow and interact with on Twitter. Search results can be sorted by:

  • The page authority (Moz page authority number for each user profile URL)
  • Number of followers
  • Retweet ratio (The percentage of user’s tweets that are retweeted)
  • Reply ratio
  • Average retweets (The average number of retweets each user’s tweet gets)

You can export results to an Excel.

You can also use OR operator to search for several sets of words used in the bio.

3. Twiangulate Keyword Tab

Twiangulate Keyword Tab

Twiangulate is a great tool not many people are aware of. I like using it for a very precision search. Not only does is allows a few handy search operators:

  • AND hot & dog
  • OR hot | dog
  • NOT hot !dog
  • exact match: “hot dog”

… it also lets you search for people following a particular Twitter user. That’s a great way to find editors and writers working at a media outlet.

4. Followerwonk Bio Search

Followerwonk Bio Search

Finally, a better known Twitter search tool: Followerwonk

The cool thing about this one is that you can restrict the search further by location, number of followers and more:

You can sort results by number of tweets, followers, days old or “social authority”.

Do you use Twitter bio search? Please share your favorite tools!

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