14-year-old girl’s sick skydiving spins will actually blow you away

Most of us are unable to do a split or even a cartwheel on the ground — so imagine doing them in mid-air.

For 14-year-old Kyra Poh, though, it’s not much of a stretch — she’s just bagged two gold medals at the 2017 Wind Games in Spain.

Here’s the Singaporean indoor skydiver just casually flipping and turning like it’s no big deal:

Kyra beat out 10 other competitors to win gold in the solo freestyle category.

She choreographed her routine herself, with the help of her mum.

“My routine style is kind of feminine, so I do lots of flips and spins, but I also like to mix it together with a long of strong and technical moves,” the 14-year-old told Mashable.

“For freestyle it’s all about how you look and how graceful you are.”

Kyra Poh at the competition.

Kyra Poh at the competition.

She’s also the world’s fastest, btw

She took home a second gold for “World’s Fastest Flyer,” winning the solo speed category. 

“I used to get very dizzy when I was upside down, and with the wind blowing at you at 250km/h you sometimes can’t really see where you’re going,” said Kyra. 

“Now I’ve gotten used it to but sometimes I catch myself while I’m flying and I’m like, wow, I’m actually flying. It’s really cool.”

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