12-Time Olympic Medalist Shows Ab Workout That Will Destroy You In Minutes


Shutterstock / Jasminko Ibrakovic

Are you ready to get those abs in shape for Spring Break 2K18? You’re damn right you are. It won’t be easy, and you probably should’ve started working on those abs months ago but it’s not too late thanks to this crazy ab workout from 12-time Olympic medalist swimmer Dara Torres.

Dara has held three world records and won 12 Summer Olympics medals while representing Team USA at five different Olympic Games (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008). At 41-years-old, she won three Silver Medals at her last Olympic Games and she recently sat down with Tech Insider Video to show off the quick but grueling ab workout she does to stay in absolutely immaculate shape:

Here’s a copy of that workout in text form if that helps.

Lower ab exercises:

1) Flutter Kicks — feet 6-inches off the ground (each interval for 30-45 seconds at a time)
2) Without taking a break you go straight into leg lifts
3) Scissor Kicks, keeping your feet 6-inches off the ground your cross one leg over the other
4) Sways
5) Circles

Next up:

1) Planks — you can make them more challenging by rocking back and forth on your toes and/or tucking
2) Hip roll planks — without stopping the planks you roll over to one hip and then onto the other, keeping everything elevated while trying to touch your hip to the ground
3) Side planks — this one should be self-explanatory, and you can introduce dips into the side planks to make them more challenging

None of this is revolutionary stuff. Dara Torres has just strung together some common exercises into 30-45 second intervals that when done in order will blast your abs.

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