10 crowdfunded products that you absolutely need in your life

10 crowdfunded products that you absolutely need in your life

Spending your hard-earned cash on something that’s still being crowdfunded is always a gamble because you never know if the thing you’re investing in will every make it to your doorstep. 

That’s why we’ve collected this list of 10 snazzy crowdfunded projects that actually went into production. As if that wasn’t good enough, each product in this list is also on sale.

There are few things more nourishing to the soul than replacing your morning commute with a smooth skateboard ride. But on the flip side, there are few things more inconvenient than having to carry around a skateboard all day.

That’s what makes Linky so special: this high-performance mini-vehicle is also collapsible enough to fit in a backpack at your office or on a plane ride. The electronic battery inside has a 12-mile range, and can charge up to 85% in just 30 minutes. It’s also app and Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can monitor data from the board however you want.

Normally $1,099, you can snag one on sale for just $949.

RokBlok is a sleek device that enables you to play your favorite vinyls anywhere, without a plug or even separate speakers. Now there’s no reason to convert your vinyl collection to MP3 for your camping trip, no reason to leave your records behind at all. Plus, the way it works is genuinely a neat party trick: the device rests on top of the record and circles it like a race car, all the while blasting your favorite tunes.

The RokBlok is on sale for just $99, but you can save an additional 10% with code ROK10.

The Yaasa Elements blanket is more than just a way to keep warm on chilly nights — this is the world’s most powerful all-in-one wellness blanket, made from SeaCell recovery-supporting technology that promotes local blood flow and aids faster recovery after physical activity. If you’re trying to maximize your gains at the gym or just take better care of your body, this blanket can make a surprisingly large impact.

Normally $249, you can pick up a Yaasa Elements Throw Blanket on sale for just $189.

Are you one of those people who’s so worried about losing their keys, that after reading this sentence you can’t help but pat your pocket and try and see if they’re still there? This is the exact problem KeySmart solves: it doesn’t just help you find your keys, it helps you stop worrying that they’ll get lost in the first place.

This simple device holds up to 10 keys and then connects to your phone to be easily located via a loud beep if you ever lose it. Another neat perk: if you happen to lose your phone but have your keys, the technology also works in reverse.

KeySmart Pro is available for just $59.99.

In 2019, there’s simply no excuse for setting your phone flatly on a table, like some kind of peasant neanderthal troglodyte. Anybody who’s anybody spends their smartphone Netflix time watching their phone propped at a nice comfortable angle. Made from bamboo, the FODI origami stand can make this happen.

Normally $19.99, the FODI Origami Multi-Purpose Device Stand is on sale for just $14.99.

Sleep is one of the most important things you do, but it’s hard to tell if you’re doing a good job at it because you are, by definition, asleep when it happens. That’s what makes this device so useful: after you attach it to your finger, it monitors your body’s activity all through the night and even delivers vibrations to increase the chances of you changing positions, therefore helping to reduce sleep apnea. In the morning, you have yourself a full report of how your sleep went, and some advice on how to improve it.

GO2SLEEP is available for just $129.

There are three ways to learn guitar: First, you can buy one, stick it in your closet, and never touch it again. This way doesn’t work. Second, you can hire a teacher. This works, but is expensive.

Third, you can buy Fret Zealot: a clever gateway to learning songs. You simply attach the device to any guitar, and the LED lights tell you exactly where your fingers should go, allowing you to concentrate on technique and style rather than any other petty distraction.

Fret Zealot is available for just $199.

This device takes online precaution to a level you’ve probably never considered before: it helps you make sure nobody is accessing your data and devices by hacking into your WiFi. The so-called “Intelligent Intrusion Detection” notifies you if anything acts suspicious, so you can spring into action.

Normally $249.99, you can pick up the Gryphon Secure Router on sale for just $229.99.

This map turns your history of travel into a work of art by allowing you to “scratch off” the countries you’ve visited, making it a piece of art that’s completely unique to you and your life. Of course, nobody’s policing this for you, so you can also just scratch off all the countries you want to visit. 

Normally $45, the World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map is on sale for $22.99.

Ever have trouble packing? If you answered “no,” you’re a liar, and if you answered “yes,” you’re going to love this seven-piece Vasco Packing Cube set.

Normally $159.99, these packing cubes are on sale for just $99.

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