​3 Brilliant Organizing Hacks for Working Out in Your Small Space

Some of us only get our exercise in when it involves paying a gym membership fee and actually trekking to a space that’s dedicated to nothing but exercise. For others, that exact thing—having to drive to the gym—is a huge hurdle and working out from home is the only way it’ll happen. But what about the workout stuff? Here are a few small-space hacks that will keep your exercise gear in-sight and in-mind but definitely not in the way.

Corral Bands and Jump Ropes with a Simple Kitchen Rod

Hang a simple kitchen rod fitted with hooks to organize your jump ropes and resistance bands. You may even have a hook or two to spare for your bag and keys. Feel free to double up on the hooks but remember to keep everything as easy-access as possible.

Stow Yoga Mats in This Clever and Always-Free Spot

Use typically unused shelf brackets to stash your yoga mats. Get them off the floor but still keep them well within reach. This efficient use of space tucks your mats away and doesn’t steal any storage real estate from anywhere else.

Weighty Wine Storage

Storing free weights in a wine rack is an exercise-lover’s multi-purposing dream. Whether you opt for a wine rack dedicated to free weights exclusively, or you go for the arguably more interesting mixed-use approach, your various weights will be ready to grab when it’s time for some strength training.

More help to get moving at home:

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